Claymore Celtic Christmas

FRIDAY, 17 DECEMBER 2021 FROM 19:30-23:30


Join Australia’s Premier Celtic Folk Rock Band,” Claymore”, for a night of Great Scottish Music, Dance, Fun and laughter!


Although many Celtic bands may come and go, each sounding remarkably like the other, the point of difference with Claymore is within the term ‘rock’. They add a current flavour, and interestingly, an inherent Australianness, to their music, bringing ole time traditional themes into the future, and appealing to audiences young and old. From the penetrating beats of the Bodhran in the battle songs of the Jacobite rebellion to the hypnotising drone of the pipes in the evocative love ballads of Scotland and Ireland, fans of the band find themselves conquered by the most fiery and delicate textures of Celtic music. While their style has been described as new age folk music, there is more passion, fire and enthusiasm that than genre allows. Combing a diverse mix of sounds from guitar, mandolin, fiddle, military snare and the highland bagpipes to even a didgeridoo, it’s no wonder Claymore have received international acclaim.

With their music recorded for prosperity and fans, new and old, clambering to purchase CDs at their concerts, it is with their live show that Claymore really shines. Celtic music has always been known to have vibrancy, but with Claymore the audience is transported on more than a traditional experience, their performance is what you would expect from a full band in a rock stadium. Whether it is playing to an intimate crowd in a darkened pub or to a rowdy mob of thousands at a festival, Claymore put on the same pitch perfect performance. But that in itself shouldn’t be surprising, after all, the members of Claymore have all had stellar musical careers and are each accomplished in their own right. With musical nuance and the chemistry that just clicked as the members came together to form Claymore, each individual manages to bring something different and special to the fore. The liveliness of the instrumentation to the consummate skill of the performers, each of whom sport the ability to play several different instruments, and prove this skill effortlessly, there is something about this band that speeds up the heart rate, and settles into the soul of all music lovers. An experience with Claymore is an unforgettable one, and whether you know the songs or not, and whether you can understand the meaning behind the lyrics, one thing is certain, you’ll fall in love with the music and the band.


This will be a Covid Safe event and within government guidelines at the time of the event. Proof of vaccination or exemptions must be presented at the door.

Tickets $20 and Bookings at Eventbrite