Port Chaplaincy operates within a multi-faith environment and is delivered primarily through the Ship Visits Outreach Program, under the auspice of the Anglican Church.

Seafarers live and work in isolated and often dangerous conditions at sea. “Being a Mission to Seafarers Port Chaplain is one of the best jobs in the world. Having the opportunity to interact with seafarers with the intent of goodness is rewarding in itself – outwardly, inwardly, and upwardly – this is after all a calling.

“My spiritual coach – a retired Hospital Chaplain – reminded me that Chaplaincy is basically talking and listening and not just a hat you wear from time to time. It is more comparable to wearing a pair of boots which carry you to the people committed to your charge.”

Pastoral Care/House Committee

The Flying Angel Club is diverse in its activities and as a House and Pastoral Care Committee, we discuss a broad range of topics from seafarers’ welfare, services to seafarers, their entertainment during shore leave, the club house operations and pastoral care.

The committee also considers the wellbeing of our volunteers, the importance of their engagement and training and meeting their varied expectations as members of the MtSV community.

Volunteers are vital to all aspects of our work and we extend our appreciation on behalf of the House Committee to all who have contributed their time to the operations of the Flying Angel Club; as a place of welcome and of service to visiting crew.

On-shore facilities provide recreation, local information and a friendly welcome after long stretches at sea. Importantly the club provides a place for seafarers to relax outside of the confines of the ship and enables them to contact their families at home as well as connect with people for advice, friendship, support and recreation.

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Sea Sunday, International Day of Prayer for Seafarers

Whilst not linked directly to a parish, the MtSV ministry operates under the auspice of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.