The Celia Little Board Room

The Celia Little Room (named after the aunt of one of the early Mission chaplains), kitchen and toilets are all located in this main part of the complex and offer seminar meeting facilities for both private and corporate entertainment.

Serving as a great backdrop to your corporate guests, our Celia Little Board Room is ideal for taking them away from the modern sterile architecture into one with subtle charm and modern technology; it is ideal for a more eclectic approach to your meeting.

The Celia Little Board Room is available for hire


This organ was gifted by the Bethel Community in 1890 to the then Victorian Seamen’s Mission, originally founded by the Bethel Union in 1857. The gift was intended to assist with worship. Despite all appearance, this organ is not a pipe organ but a reed organ that works in a similar manner to an accordion. W. Bell & Co were a Canadian organ manufacturer, considered the premier organ manufacturer of the time.

The organ has fifteen elaborately painted pipes bearing a floral motif. The body of the organ is elaborately decorated in carved wood. It has 17 knobs above the keyboard both which can be concealed when the keyboard cover is lowered. There are two foot pedals at the bottom of the organ with “Mouse Proof Pedals” cast into the framing iron.

This organ is a tangible reminder of the longevity of the Mission to Seafarers, despite its several name changes and various locations. The Mission to Seafarers has been in operation in one form or another since 1857 and continues to operate to the same purpose today as it did then.