Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?

If you have skills to share, some time to spare, and a passion for the welfare of others, we’d love to hear from you!

There are so many opportunities for volunteers to assist the team at the Mission to Seafarers Victoria on a wide range of tasks – just four hours a week can make a real difference.

If you like to drive, we’re always looking for people to hop in one of our 11-seater shuttle buses and pick up seafarers from the docks. You might also like to have a chat in the Flying Angel Club and provide some handy tips to seafarers for their short stay in Melbourne.

You could use your research skills to assist the heritage team, spend a morning pottering in the garden, or stay at home and use your IT skills to help out with administration duties, or even fundraising.

Please fill out and return the Volunteer Application Form and we’ll let you know how best you can assist us.

Questions? info@missiontoseafarers.com.au

Volunteer Application Form


Imagine getting on a ship in summer in the Philippines, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, and then finding yourself transiting freezing Arctic waters with only your overalls to keep you warm. Seafarers often set out on new contracts not knowing where their ship will end up or what climates they will encounter on their travels.

We are always grateful for gifts of warm knitted items which our chaplains and ship visitors can pass on to seafarers in need.

If you can supply beanies in any colours, we would love to hear from you.

You can have a look at some of our suggested Seafarer Knitting Patterns, or you can design your own!

Please send or drop off  your knitted items to us at:
Mission to Seafarers Victoria
717 Flinders Street 
Docklands, VIC 3008.