Entries by Daria Wray

Tasty Toastie Offer!

Every day at the Mission to Seafarers, enjoy a delectable three-cheese toastie and a glass of wine or schooner of beer for just $15. Our melt-in-your-mouth toasties are loaded with tasty Cheddar, buttery Emmental and Mozzarella, then finished with dijon mustard and black fig relish, on sourdough bread. Add your choice of a glass of house […]

Exhibition: James Geurts’ EON (2021)

Exhibition viewing of artist James Geurts’ most recent site-specific project EON (2021), is temporarily installed in the Noria Dome. EON project is a conceptual installation exploring the perception of time and examines the relationship between evolution, consciousness and technology. An Eon spans approximately one billion years, the duration of the formation of the Flinders Ranges […]

BEYOND DOOMSDAY-SARAY Iluminado feat. Israel Aloni

Sunday 20th February 2022 5pm-6pm  Dancer Israel Aloni joins singer Nela Trifkovic and the multi-instrumentalist mavericks of SARAY Iluminado for a mystical journey to the ancient Balkans. Be immersed in a wondrous time when spirits, goddesses, nymphs and archetypes roamed the Earth. Meet the Spirit of Songs; drift along the translucent Bosnian river-bands, through the […]

Pride and Prejudice and Five Years

Tuesday 12th-Saturday 16th November, 2019 7pm-10pm 24 Carrot Productions present an original sequel to Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, set five years after the events of the iconic novel. The production explores the relationships between the sisters, friends, and partners, and our relationship as an audience to Austen and the Regency period. It revels in […]