Meditating with baby goats

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Breathe In…& Bleat It Out

Meditating with Baby Goats

Weekends in June and July, 2019

I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, but why are we meditating with this much cuteness? Won’t I be even MORE distracted?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that Breathe In & Bleat Out is a metaphor for what meditating actually feels like when you first start. Your first meditation sitting isn’t going to be perfect, and it certainly won’t be still. You’ll have thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams niggling at you, gnawing on you and clamouring for attention.

What to expect:
· Light stretching to still the body
· Sound Mediation to still the mind
· Play! Fluffy cuddles from a furry friend

Just like our furry friends, these cuties nibble, nuzzle, dribble and piddle, but I can promise you won’t get worked up over it. In fact, I can guarantee you’ll leave with nothing but a smile! And maybe a few selfies (Good luck trying to get a baby goat to pose!) Instead of criticising yourself for being unable to sit still in perfect, spiritual silence, you’ll learn to compassionately observe this chaos, embrace the moment and stop kicking yourself for not being so damn perfect all the time.

Researchers in the UK have found evidence that goats are just as clever as dogs, and build complex emotional relationships with humans! Animal  therapy has been used world-wide for more than twenty years to raise the spirits of hospitalised patients. Animal therapy has also been found to reduce cortisol in Autistic children by up to 48%, as well as relieve symptoms of PTSD and schizophrenia.