SATURDAY 29 JUNE 2025 |7pm-10pm


The final edition of the Norla Series will focus on drone using keyboard instrumentation. In a rare event, an acoustic grand piano will be used in the Norla Dome and the full resonant scope of the piano will be realised.
Daniel Tucceri is a Melbourne/Naarm based pianist who has performed across a variety of genres with a number of notable local and international performers. He has also composed and contributed to major film soundtracks, exhibitions and art installations. He will be performing an interpretation of the Norla Drone composition performed by the various iterations of the Melbourne Drone Orchestra at the end of 2023.
Justin Ashworth will launch two projects simultaneously: Spectrealities I-IV, a new 4 track drone album, and Justin’s new synth quintet, featuring Katerina Stathis, Violet Aisling (@teethdreamer ), Abi Lee @abihlee and Adam Rudegeair @neonbogart
Tickets $15/$20 via Eventbrite