Our Staff & Crew

The Mission of the Mission is:

“To provide on-shore facilities, practical welfare services and spiritual support to seafarers visiting the Port of Melbourne.”

Seafarers live and work in isolated and often dangerous conditions at sea. Their spiritual wellbeing has been identified, by the Seafarers International Research Centre, Cardiff University, as being of equal importance as their physical and mental wellbeing.

The enduring mission of the Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV) is to recognise the contribution of seafarers to the prosperity of our nation by way of service, community and connectivity.

Our Vision is:

“To be a pre-eminent maritime centre; responding to the unique circumstances of the seafaring community and an exemplary place of maritime heritage that encourages community, connectivity and social engagement at all levels.”

It takes a wonderfully dedicated staff and crew to offer this practical and enduring service day after day, year in year out. We are deeply thankful for their services and dedication.

Sue Dight

Chief Manager


Cheka Samaranayake

Financial Controller


Ajith Jayasuriya

Club Manager


Pastor Onofre "Inni" Punay

Pastor Onofre "Inni" Punay



Ben Schroeder

Venue Operations Manager


Daria Wray

Events Manager


Cinda Manins

Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator


Jay Miller

Heritage Curator & Registrar