Sea Sunday 10th July 2022

Why Support The Mission to Seafarers Victoria?

We all rely on seafarers.

With your help, they can rely on us.

On Sea Sunday we gather around the world to think of seafarers’ welfare.

Being a seafarer is tough.

Crews can spend months away working long hours with little respite or contact with home. On top of the daily pressures, the threat of piracy, shipwreck and abandonment are ever present for the men and women who serve us at sea.

In recent years, this challenging job has become even harder. Increased restrictions and lockdowns (due to the global covid-19 pandemic) saw many seafarers working beyond the end of their contract, facing months of uncertainty and further separation from loved ones. That’s months of missed birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and family celebrations.

Amid these challenges, the Mission to Seafarers has been a constant source of practical support and reassurance. Through our teams in 200 ports worldwide, we’ve been supporting the 1.5 million unseen keyworkers who have helped to keep the economy afloat and transport the essentials we need to survive.

Our port centres have always been a haven for mentally and physically exhausted seafarers. For those who can’t make it into the centres, our chaplains and ship visitors take a warm welcome and listening ear onboard. And when that’s not been possible, email, social media, and WhatsApp have been a lifeline of support.

When seafarers have nowhere else to turn, your support ensures they can come to us.

If a seafarer wants to get to the shops, they need the right documentation, permission for shore leave, transportation, and enough time to get there and back – none of which is easy.

This is where we come in. Our port centres are always stocked with essentials and, if seafarers can’t get to us, we go to them. Over the years, especially the past two years when there was no shore leave, our team has become masters of logistics, working against the clock to get shopping to crews before they move on.

We’ve bought everything from fresh fruit and medication to musical instruments and computers. These items help to preserve the dignity of our seafarers, bring joy to their families, and remind them that we care.

On Sea Sunday, please remember the contribution that seafarers make to your daily lives, and the Mission to Seafarers-Victoria that supports them.

A Prayer for Sea Sunday:

Heavenly Father, we give thanks to you for your creation and all the beauty in this world. We thank you for the ocean, in its abundance, and for the people who toil on its surface. Without our brothers and sisters who are seafarers, we would not be able to enjoy all the blessings of this world. Enfold them in your fatherly love, guide their passage through storm, swell and darkness. May we always be mindful of our Global Family and be truly grateful for the sacrifices seafarers make each day. Amen