Sea Sunday 2021

Why Support The Mission to Seafarers Victoria?

On Sea Sunday we gather around the world to think of seafarers welfare.

The Mission to Seafarers Victoria historically and even more today is dependent upon the work of Port Chaplains, Ship Visitors and the great contribution of volunteers in the delivery of services. Sea Sunday is a fundraising event for the Mission to provide vital services to seafarers’ welfare.
Today approximately 1.5 million seafarers carry over 90% of world trade. Their lives are isolated and lonely. The conditions they experience are often harsh and dangerous, and the prevalence of piracy, abandonment and injury results in trauma for seafarers and their families. Their well being is often in our hands and we rely on your support to care for them while they are in our ports. Since 1857, the Mission to Seafarers Victoria has relied on the generosity of donors and the prayers of the community.

Please remember the contribution that seafarers make to your daily lives, and the Mission to Seafarers which supports them.

How you can help

There are various ways you can help to support seafarers’ welfare:

Start talking about seafarers’ welfare and help us to raise awareness – stop and consider how the things we rely on daily arrived to our table. Develop concern for the humanitarian aspects of the work, or perhaps begin to consider the ways in which welfare services reduce the likelihood of seafarer fatigue and contributes to safer shipping.

You don’t have to be a church group to celebrate Sea Sunday – you can participate and fundraise with your school, community group or family.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Does your company rely on seafarers? Get in touch with the Mission and find out how you or your colleagues and staff can get involved.

On Sea Sunday, you can become a powerhouse of prayer and fundraising for our work, each year in July you can join with thousands of people from London to Lagos, Durban to Dunkerque and Melbourne to Manila who come together to pray, celebrate and fundraise for our vital work. Most Sea Sunday services fall on 11 July 2021 but you can choose to host it whenever it suits them!

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